What’s it really like to be a Thriver?

How do you know that this will really work for YOU? Every stylist is different, so here are a few stories from some of our members about what Thrivers Society has done for their lives behind the chair and beyond.



After losing 80%-90% of her clientele, Hannah used the Thrivers Society system to explode her business in just one short year!


Kerriann’s story

As an educator and a stylist with more than 15 years experience , this is the one group and education forum she suggests to all stylists. She’s done the hair shows, the private classes and this is now her go-to resource.



Melissa see’s Thrivers as the new benchmark for the industry. As a Thriver she feels like she’s part of something bigger and isn’t doing this alone anymore. Her favorite part is that this isn’t just a course about being a good hairstylist, it’s about improving life as a whole



After re-locating her business Marie needed a lifeline when rebuilding in a new town. As a studio suite owner, she knew she couldn’t rely on salon marketing to build clientele for her and she needed a true strategy to make her business grow.


kellie’s story

After working with a salon team who made fun of stylists who used modern marketing to grow their business, she joined the Thrivers Society community and found the salon culture she was always looking for. She left the toxic salon and opened her own amazing salon in August! She and the stylists who work with her are now building a dream clientele together and are enjoying every day behind the chair.


Dawns Story

She knew she wanted to grow her business but wasn’t sure what efforts would actually pay off. After a friend referred her to Thrivers 16 months ago she realized just how much she was missing. She says that as a busy mom and wife, she’s learned more in 16 months than in her previous 16 years.


Lindsey’s Story

After struggling to build at an established rental salon with her mom and sister, Lindsey found Thrivers. After applying the modules her business took off and she, along with her mother and sister, left their booth rental salon and opened a gorgeous, modern salon all on their own!



After soaking up all of Britt’s free content and attending bootcamp, Lori took the plunge and joined Thrivers Society. Her service totals increased by 50% in just one short year and she’s been getting 2 new clients a month through her social media marketing efforts which didn’t even exist pre-Thrivers. But the best part she’s enjoying a beautiful beach vacation with her family this year completely guilt and debt free thanks to Thrivers Society!


Andrea’s story

Andrea has always loved being a salon owner, but she realized that she wasn’t really making money. She went all in with an annual membership and has been a member now for over 3 years! She made her investment back almost instantly by using the Thrivers pricing module and the impact the program has had on her life overall is incredible.


mias story

After successfully building her clientele, Mia realized her business had plateaued and she had lost her passion. Thrivers gave her the inspiration, passion and confidence she needed to build a now growing business and a more well balanced life overall.


kiki’s story

Kiki felt the sticker shock that a lot of Thrivers experience when they consider paying for a marketing system. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to spend the money but pulled the trigger in the 11th hour and it’s been everything she was hoping for in community and system and more. Kiki is working less, making more and enjoying her personal life more than ever.

Carolyns Story

After feeling totally isolated as a stylist, she joined the Thrivers Society tribe and a few short years later she was able to retire her husband, take a super successful and enjoyable maternity leave and is now a salon owner. Carolyn is one of our Thrivers Society coaches and is an amazing example of what this community is all about.


Traci’s Story

After being in the industry for 20 years, Traci was in “burn-out mode” when she found Thrivers Society. Traci has now remodeled her space, has a Thriving business and has become one of our most innovative marketers in the Thrivers community.


Leisha’s Story

18 months in to the program, Leisha says Thrivers has completely changed her life. She joined at the 11th hour and wasn’t even sure she could afford the payments because she was starting over in a new salon at the time. She now can’t imagine her life without the modules and community.


Nichole’s Story

When Nichole joined Thrivers she was working two jobs just to get by, taking every client she could at any time they wanted and was driving a clunky old car. Since joining her entire life has changed. She’s now a home owner, driving a new car, enjoying less working hours, a structured schedule, free time to enjoy her hobbies and is making way more money than ever before.



Ann joined Thrivers Society a year ago. After being in the industry for 20 years Ann just opened her own brand new salon. She has a beautiful social media presence and a gorgeous new salon space to continue to expand her clientele in to.


Mindy’s Story

After 17 years in the industry she joined Thrivers Society and her life changed exponentially almost immediately. She’s doubled her income, enjoyed two trips to Europe, two trips to Disney and is enjoying life more than ever before. Mindy says Thrivers should be required education for all beauty school grads!


Janets Story

As a busy working mama, Thrivers Society has brought her more confidence in the last 2 years than all of her previous life experience before. She is addicted to the comradery, the inspiration and the push that the system provides her year over year.


Ashley’s Story

Ashley was feeling unmotivated and unorganized because nobody had ever given her the direction she needed in the industry. She’d never had a mentor or leader who provided the right motivation or structure needed to push her forward. She now has the courage to push her business to new levels and the tools she needs to make big things happen!


Caitlin’s STory

Caitlin was an incredibly successful commission stylist before joining Thrivers Society and now she’s taken that success to a level she wasn’t even sure was possible. After joining in 2016, Caitlin has now become a member of our Thrivers Society coaching team and is a role model to all in the Thrivers community!



After being in the industry for 25 years, she heard Britt say that “if you aren’t seeing 5 new referrals a month, your business is actually dying” she bit the bullet and joined the program. Her income increased by $18,000 in the first year, she doesn’t have a single gap in her books and is now pushing her career to a whole new level.


Tosha’s Story

As a studio suite owner, Tosha felt like her business and life were all over the place and she wasn’t getting anywhere. She’s been a Thriver now for 2 years and after following lots of educators, she could tell immediately that Thrivers was something different. She had purchased courses before, but nothing compared to Thrivers and the impact Britt has had on her business. She’s now hosting amazing community events and feels better than ever about her future!


Lisa’s Story

As a senior stylist, Lisa’s business wasn’t high tech. She felt like she had to be everything to everyone, was receiving client calls all day every day and wasn’t sure how to use social media to grow her business. She now has a solid online presence and she’s proud to finally be working smarter, not harder!