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Are you a new member?

You’ve heard a lot of amazing things about the program, you are ready to level up your business but you know that you’re the kind of student who likes feedback on the work you’re doing.

Approval sets your mind at ease, you like the idea of a second set of eyes on your work to ensure you’re on the right track and you want to surround yourself with other super committed stylists going through the program.


Are you an existing member?

If you are an existing Thriver interested in Group Coaching, please email for more information about how to sign up.

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Are you fully committed to making 2020 your best year yet?

This program isn’t for slackers. This is a small, focused group of stylists working the program at the same pace together to achieve maximum results at the end of their year together.

This is for those who want to grab 2020 by the horns and really have the entire system in place to ensure that this upcoming year is your best year yet. The Group Coaching is the only Thrivers Society option that allows for full Thrivers Society Certification and immediate access in to Thrivers Society Alumni Advanced. If you’re looking for the fast-track, this is it.


How will the group coaching program help me?

The Thrivers Society Group Coaching program provides three main features:


Those in the group coaching program will enjoy:

  • Keeping pace with a group of other stylists also working through Thrivers Society.

  • The chance to ask any question you'd like to our Thrivers Society coaching team weekly.

  • The chance to ask Britt any question on the monthly group coaching calls.

  • Weekly structured mini classes from Britt.

  • Weekly tips from Thrivers Society Coaches.

  • Support as you work through the modules.

  • A supportive community working through the modules at the same pace you are.

  • The opportunity to complete the Alumni Level 1-4 assessments so that upon graduation those who have kept up with the group can go straight in to Alumni Advanced.


Should everybody join?

No! This group isn't for stylists who are just "trying out Thrivers Society". If you aren't 100% committed to getting the entire system up and running in a year or less, this isn't a group for you.

This group is only for mega driven, motivated stylists who are ready to maximize growth, scale back their schedule, increase their income and elevate their brand in the next 365 days.

If you’re already a Thrivers Society member, please email for more information about current member Group Coaching registration.



What’s included in group coaching?

Thrivers Society group coaching includes all modules, bonuses and benefits of Thrivers Society and many more.


What’s the investment?

All of this coaching, support and the congruent Thrivers Society Alumni Assessments breaks down to just and additional $1.38 each day.

Pricing for all levels will be announced October 18, 2019.

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What is a Thrivers Society Certification?

As the Thrivers Society Tribe has grown, so has the reputation of the program.

Some salons now only hire Thrivers Society graduates because they know that if an applicant has completed the program, they come prepared with a certain skill set and level of business sophistication.

Google requires you have a Bachelors's top salons require that you have a Thrivers Society Certification.

We are proud to offer Thrivers Society certifications for stylists looking to build their resume or those who want to be considered for our Thrivers Society Coaching Team.

Thrivers Society Certifications are available to all Alumni members and those in the Thrivers Society Group Coaching program.


How do I enroll?

Thrivers Society will re-open for registration October 18, 2019 . We generally sell out within 2-3 days of registration opening, however we anticipate that the Group Coaching level will sell out within pre-sale and will not be available to the general public. Those on the waitlist will have the best chance of reserving a seat. Hop on the waitlist by clicking here.

How long will I have access to all of the content and resources?

Thrivers Society is a monthly membership course.  

Think of it like a gym membership.  You have access to the course content and all support  bonuses so long as you have an active membership.  If you cancel your monthly membership or your annual membership expires and you don't renew, you lose access to the course content and bonuses.

As a monthly member, you'll receive access to one new module each month for 14 months to build your education library.  Additional bonus content may be released to you through the time of your membership as well.  

You'll maintain access to any content you've gained for as long as you are a paid and active member of the program. If your membership expires or you do choose to cancel, you will immediately lose access to all course content and bonuses.


If you know this has got to be your breakthrough year as a hair stylist,
we’d LOVE to welcome you to the Group Coaching program!