Are you craving financial freedom?

We all got into this industry hoping to make great money. Maybe to you, financial freedom means you’re debt free and the bills are paid. Maybe it means you don’t have to worry about affording groceries next month. Maybe it means you want your family to take an annual trip to Hawaii year after year. Whatever financial freedom means to you, I want you to have that too.


Are you ready for a fully flexible and consistent schedule?

Who says you have to work Tuesday-Saturday? One of the best parts of being a stylist is that you can be in full and complete control of your schedule. If you want to be able to pick up the kids from school, be home to cook dinner every night or to be at all the Saturday morning soccer games, I want that for you, too.


Are wondering how to create a steady stream of new clients and truly build your business month over month?

The game in this industry has really changed. It's no longer about who does the best hair cuts, who can formulate with their eyes closed, who has the most experience. It's all about who has an effective marketing strategy.

I have laid out that strategy step-by-step and it's waiting for you right here in Thrivers Society.

It has never been easier to grow your business as a stylist. You just need the tools, systems, & strategy.


As a former hair stylist and Salon Director, I was often frustrated working with other industry business coaches. There was so much information out there about what to do in theory, but nobody was teaching how to do it.

Through trial, error, blood, sweat and tears, I've created a system that actually teaches stylists step-by-step how to grow their business without any fluff or theories. To date, over 4,700 hair stylists have completed my online training program and some of the results they've achieved are beyond my wildest expectations.

Thrivers Society is the system that I wish existed when I was building my clientele and it's ready and waiting for you.

What are you waiting for, hustler? When you're ready to take your business to the next level, I'm so looking forward to welcoming you to our tribe.


Thrivers Society is a completely online, multi-module membership program.


Modules are formatted to include a combination of:

- Training videos featuring Britt

- Downloadable PDF workbooks

- Real life examples

- Checklists

- Tools and guides


What’s covered in the modules?

Inspired by the strategies and techniques that are working for today’s most successful stylists, Thrivers Society walks you through your entire clientele building and retention system through a growing education library, which includes. . .


What support is included?


Accountability & Support Facebook Group

Not usually a fan of Facebook groups? Yeah, me either, so I set up the new and improved Thrivers Society Facebook groups to be more effective, less overwhelming, always positive and overly inspiring. This group will only be filled with other stylists determined to build & grow their business just like you.

This group will have:

- A closed feed so you aren't receiving dozens of daily notifications or information that doesn't pertain to you.
- Weekly mini classes with Britt every Monday morning.
- PDF & video tools and resources to support your journey.
- Weekly prompts to connect & share with your fellow members.

Instagram Page, Facebook Profile & Website Review Replays

Wish Britt would take a look at your website or social media and tell you what to change?

Through these pre-recorded Instagram, Facebook and website reviews you’ll watch Britt analyze over 80 other Thrivers marketing funnels and you get access to all of that feedback so that you can apply her coaching to your brand.

Access to over 40 hours of pre-recorded group coaching calls with Britt

This is a long-time Thrivers Society favorite!

If you’re a fan of The Thriving Stylist Podcast, this will be like picking up an extra 40+ hours of audio content from Britt; however, it’s 10x more strategic than anything shared on the Thriving Stylist Podcast. A new coaching call is uploaded every single month!


Access to the Thrivers Society Q&A Bank

Britt has answered thousands of questions to date in the Facebook groups.

Need an answer on something specific? Want to know how she suggests branding your Instagram? Want to know her tips for growing your extension business? Thinking about leaving your salon? Type your query in to the search bar and see Britt’s feedback on your specific topic.

A listing on the Thrivers Society Directory

This worldwide directory is filled with thousands of program graduates and current members.

Thrivers love using the directory to:

-Find fellow Thrivers locally to work with.
-Find "Thrivers Salons" when relocating.
-Assist clients in finding a new salon to try when their clients are moving.
-Connect with other stylists who work in YOUR specialty.
-Connect with like minded stylists for monthly brainstorming coffee dates.
-Some communities even host annual local member meet ups.


Is private or personalized coaching included?

While Thrivers Society doesn’t include any personalized or private coaching, we’ve packed the course with plenty of resources to find answers to all of your questions.

But what if you’re a brand new member, and you feel like you need a bit more personalized attention?
You want somebody to take a look at your branding and affirm that you’re on the right track.
You want somebody to support you as you work through your pricing restructure.
You’d like to bounce your new website bio off somebody from Britt’s team to ensure you really nailed it.


What is Thrivers Society Certification?

As the Thrivers Society tribe has grown, so has the reputation of the program.

Some salons now only hire Thrivers Society graduates because they know that if an applicant has completed the program, they come prepared with a certain skill set and level of business sophistication.

Google requires you have a Bachelors degree...today's top salons require that you have a Thrivers Society Certification.

We are proud to offer Thrivers Society certifications for stylists looking to build their resume or those who want to be considered for our Thrivers Society Coaching Team.

Thrivers Society Certifications are available to all Alumni members and those in the Thrivers Society Group Coaching program.


What is the investment?

We are excited to offer 3 different investment levels for new members this season.

Britt has always been committed to offering Thrivers Society options at price points that are reasonable for all members within all budgets.

Memberships start at less than $2/day (get a Tall instead of a Venti and your membership is paid for!) and we are proud to offer more coaching options for those who prefer a more in-depth experience with additional support.


How do I enroll?

Thrivers Society will re-open for registration October 18, 2019 . We generally sell out within 2-3 days of registration opening. You can enroll through the link at the top of this page after October 2019, until we reach our maximum capacity of 2,000 new members.

How long will I have access to all of the content and resources?

Thrivers Society is a monthly membership course.  

Think of it like a gym membership.  You have access to the course content and all support  bonuses so long as you have an active membership.  If you cancel your monthly membership or your annual membership expires and you don't renew, you lose access to the course content and bonuses.

As a monthly member, you'll receive access to one new module each month for 14 months to build your education library.  Additional bonus content may be released to you through the time of your membership as well.  

You'll maintain access to any content you've gained for as long as you are a paid and active member of the program. If your membership expires or you do choose to cancel, you will immediately lose access to all course content and bonuses.

What is the difference between the Monthly & Annual Membership?

The biggest difference is the access to the content. With the monthly membership you get access to one module a month for each month that you’re enrolled until all available modules are received and then you can maintain access for so long as you maintain your membership. Members who stay enrolled for 13 months or more can participate in our Alumni and Alumni Advanced levels.

With the annual membership, you get instant access to all modules plus a few of my additional courses and maintain that access for 12 months. You will have the option to renew your membership and graduate to our Alumni levels at the end of the year.


If you know this has got to be your breakthrough year as a hair stylist,
we’d LOVE to welcome you to