Who is the Thrivers Society Certification for?

Thrivers Society Certification is available to anyone who has been enrolled in the program for 13 months or more, OR for those that are going through the Group Coaching Program.



What is it?

The Thrivers Society Certification program was put into place thanks to our incredible Thrivers Society Tribe who asked for it.

Salon owners have been asking stylists since 2017 if they were Thrivers Society members at time of hire.  Stylists have been listing their active memberships on their resumes as an educational accomplishment.  

We love that, but knew we could do better.

Investing in the program is just the tipping point in a stylist’s business.  The magic actually happens (and results are achieved) when the modules and strategies are applied.

A stylist will now be able to say what level of achievement they’re certified for. Those who are Certified Alumni Advanced will have peace of mind knowing they have a working, scalable, profitable marketing funnel and hourglass.


When can I get my certification?

Everyone at the Alumni Level (those in the program for 13 months or more) can take any of the certification assessments during the last week of each month. It will generally be the 25th-30th, but announcements will be made in the Facebook Group monthly and can always be found in the “events” section of each Alumni Facebook Group.

Group Coaching members will take their assessments quarterly as a class.  We expect a 90%+ pass rate for those in Group Coaching, as they will be prepared for the assessment with the help of the Thrivers Society Coaches.

Assessments are graded as pass/fail.  If you fail an assessment, you can retake the test the following month during the certification period.  You cannot take an assessment more than once each month. You’ll want to head into each new month prepared, so that we can advance you in to the Alumni Advanced group as soon as possible.


Where do I get certified?

All assessments will be administered within the Alumni Certification Facebook Groups.  We have groups for Alumni Level 1 (those who have been in the program for 13+ months are automatically placed as Alumni Level 1), Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Alumni Advanced based on their progress through the assessments.

Here is the breakdown of the support tools and study guides that will be shared:

Level 1 Alumni Group - Mastery of modules 1-4

Level 2 Alumni Group - Mastery of modules 5-7

Level 3 Alumni Group- Mastery of modules 8-10

Level 4 Alumni Group - Focus on modules 11-14



Why is this being offered?

Thrivers Society only works if stylists apply the lessons.  We know that we’ve had members stay enrolled year over year for the community (which we absolutely love), but we want to see all members living their biggest, best, wealthiest lives.

Through the Thrivers Society Certification program you’ll have the focus, support, accountability and motivation needed to apply the entire system in full.

Powerful networking will still be available in all Facebook Groups, Thrivers Society Live events, and through the Thrivers Society Directory.



What will the certification process look like?

Thrivers Society Certification will be comprised of two parts: an online quiz and a visual assessment completed by the Thrivers Society Coaching Team.

The link to take the quiz portion will be posted in your Facebook Group during assessment week each month.  This quiz will be easily accessed on your phone or computer by clicking the link provided. The quiz will likely take 30-60 minutes to complete.

Study guides for the quiz will be provided in each Facebook Group so you’ll know exactly what to work on.

In the Level 1-3 assessments, you’ll complete the visual analysis by uploading requested screenshots to a pinned post in the Facebook Group.  You’ll be told what screenshots to upload during assessment week. As long as you’ve completed your modules in full, you’ll be prepared to share them.  No additional preparation is required.


If you have further questions, please email us anytime at support@thriverssociety.com.