Why should I consider getting certified?

  • All certification levels hold you accountable. You will not be able to pass the certifications if you haven’t applied all foundational modules in full.

  • A Level 4 certification will prove to potential employers that you’ve completed the program.

  • A Level 4 certification will prove to you that you’ve built a flawless funnel that will actually work to build your business sustainably for the years to come.

  • A Level 4 certification will give you the opportunity to study for and apply to become a Thrivers Society Advanced Alumni or an Elite Alumni.



How is this different from former Thrivers Society Alumni level programs?

In the past we allowed all senior members to graduate to our Alumni level of membership whether they’d actually done the work or not.

We aren’t going to let you cheat yourself out of true success anymore.

The purpose of Thrivers Society is to scale, maximize and streamline your business and through the Thrivers Society Certification Program, members will have the focus and motivation needed to complete the system in full.

Alumni Advanced and Elite will now truly be reserved for members who are all playing a big game, want to inspire each other, think creatively and get extra coaching from Britt to push towards graduation from the elite 5% and become the industry’s elite 1%.





What are the levels of certification?

  • Level 1 Alumni- Completion of Modules 1-4.

  • Level 2 Alumni- Completion of Modules 5-7.

  • Level 3 Alumni- Completion of Modules 8-10.

  • Level 4 Alumni- Completion of Modules 11-13.

  • Alumni Advanced- Completion of all 4 Certifications & Successful funnel review.

  • Alumni Elite- Completion of all 4 Certifications & Successful funnel review. Application only.


How does the certification work?

All current members who have been enrolled for 13 months or more will automatically become a part of the Thrivers Society Certification program.

Want to be a part of Thrivers Alumni Advanced or Elite? You'll have to earn your spot in those powerhouse groups.

  • Participation Certificate holders can request access to the Level 1 certification Facebook group which includes a closed wall for minimal distractions, weekly focus lessons, bonus classes and study guides. The purpose of these groups is to get you through the program so that you can move on to Alumni Advanced and have more powerful conversations.

  • Participation Certificate holders must pass the Level 1 Assessment before moving on to any other assessments.

  • If you fail an assessment, you must wait a full 30 days before taking it again. Don't rush! You want to do the program right so that you'll pass all assessments the first time you take them.

  • Once you've achieved your Level 1 Certificate, you can move on to the Level 2 Facebook group and continue working through the assessments.

  • Once you've completed Level 4, you can submit your request for a funnel review and secure your seat in our Thrivers Society Advanced Alumni group.


What’s included in Alumni Advanced?

For the first time ever, this will be a place and space reserved only for members who have done all the work to put the full Thrivers Society system in place.

Here are a few of the key perks:

Community Connection Facebook Group

  • An open wall! Unlike the 1st year Thrivers Society and Certification Facebook groups, the Alumni Advanced group will have an open wall meaning all members can comment, ask questions and share openly.

  • A monthly focus which will include a Masterclass and focused prompts throughout the month.

Marketing Funnel Analysis

When you apply for your Alumni Advanced Certification, a member of our Thrivers Society Coaching Team will review your website, Instagram and Facebook page to assist you in finding gaps and optimizing your marketing.

Alumni Advanced members only group coaching call with Britt

This is a long-time Thrivers Society favorite!

Ask Britt anything about building your clientele or marketing your business. This call will only be for Alumni Advanced members so questions will stay high level and strategic.

"30-Day Sprints" with Britt

Throughout the year we will break down our most important and hardest to tackle Thrivers Society modules and bonuses in to focused, month-long trainings hosted by Britt.

Over 4 weeks you'll received video trainings, Facebook group prompts and support tools to ensure you continue pushing your business forward.

Topics include: welcome packets, income growth strategies, finance management, social media organization and more!


Do I have to get certified?

You don't! You can simply retain access to your modules and bonuses and continue going through the course as a self-study member.

Just know there won't be a Facebook group for you to be a part of or an opportunity to get support as you work through the modules.

All first-year groups close at the end of their year and the current "Thrivers Society Alumni Facebook Group" will close permanently on October 30, 2019 as we transition to the new format.


What about those in the Group Coaching program?

Group coaching is designed for new members who want to streamline and maximize their success as they navigate Thrivers Society.

They are our only group which can go through the course and become a certified Alumni Advanced within their first year.

This group of students will have group coaching calls with Britt and weekly support from the Thrivers Society Coaches to streamline their success path.


What’s the investment?

Thrivers Pricing Options copy 2 (1).jpg


How do I enroll?

If you’re a current member, our Thrivers Society Program Director will be sending you program and/or renewal details shortly.

If you’re a former member who would like to return for Certification or to earn a place in our Thrivers Society Alumni Advanced group, email for more information.

How quickly will I become certified?

That is entirely up to you. It is possible that you will join us as a Level 1 Alumni and never progress beyond that level.

We won’t be offering free-passes on longevity leniency, so you’ll need to put in the work and the time to achieve all levels of certification.

How long will I have access to all the content & resources?

Thrivers Society is a monthly membership course.  

Think of it like a gym membership.  You have access to the course content and all support  bonuses so long as you have an active membership.  If you cancel your monthly membership or your annual membership expires and you don't renew, you lose access to the course content and bonuses.

You'll maintain access to any content you've gained for as long as you are a paid and active member of the program. If your membership expires or you do choose to cancel, you will immediately lose access to all course content and bonuses.